About Us

Karoo Butcher & Co.

This e-shop is the brainchild of a Karoo butchery owner with a love for all things meat and braai, and his wife, an ex-Capetonian with a love for digital media.

When the wife still regularly commuted between Beaufort West and Cape Town for work, friends and family would often ask her to bring down some Karoo chops, biltong and droëwors. Soon the demand for this ‘tasty’ and ‘affordable’ Karoo meat increased and it sparked the idea for Karoo Butcher & Co.

While the wife was ready to tackle the ‘digital’ side of KBCO, the husband was on the brink of expanding his current business. Who better then to take on the ‘meat’ side of KBCO than the wife’s mother-in-law, who is not only the co-owner of the family butchery, but has more than 20 years’ experience in both the retail and wholesale meat industry.

This platform was created as a convenient way for people outside of the Great Karoo to be able to enjoy quality Karoo lamb, game and other meats, all expertly cut and neatly vacuum packed (fresh, not frozen).

What Our Clients Say

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What We Do

We offer quality yet affordable Karoo meat products, all freshly prepared and packaged, and delivered straight to your door.

Our Mission

Our promise is to deliver a top-grade service and product, but with the ethics and heart of a small-town butchery.

Our History

Our combined experience includes 24 years in the meat industry and 10 years in the media industry. We’re thrilled to share this new journey with you.